In 2013, DEA Egypt has taken up gas production in the Disouq concession located in the Egyptian Nile delta. The project encompasses the development of seven gas fields. It’s planned to produce a total of approx. 11.4 billion cubic metres of natural gas. With the volumes from Disouq, Dea’s oil and gas production in Egypt has more than doubled to about 40,000 barrels oil equivalents.

Onshore gas production in Nile-Delta

DEA had been awarded the Disouq concession in 2004; it is located in Egypt’s Nile delta, a region that is rich in gas deposits. Gas production was launched in September 2013. The gas produced in the course of this project is intended to make a substantial contribution towards supplying the growing energy market in Egypt.

During the first two project phases, DEA plans to produce a total volume of approx. 11.4 billion cubic metres of natural gas from seven gas fields and a total of 16 production wells in the area.

DEA Licences Egypt

With production start in 2013, the North West Khilala gas plant was brought into operation first. In August 2014, gas production from the Central Treatment Plant (CTP), set up by DEA, also commenced. Shortly after the launch, a total production of 4.2 million standard cubic metres of gas per day was achieved from the Disouq development project.

The treated gas and the condensate are pumped from the CTP into the national gas grid via two pipelines, each about 40 kilometres in length.


Gas fields
  • North West Khilala
  • North Sidi Ghazy-1
  • North West Sidi Ghazy-1
  • South Sidi Ghazy-1
  • Sidi Salem South East-1
  • Sidi Salem South East-2
  • Disouq
Area3.217 km²
Planned total production11,4 billion m³ Gas
Production start3.217 km²


Exploration well Disouq field
Christmas Tree – Preparations for bringing a well in North West Khilala on stream
View on DEA exploration well in the Disouq field at dawn
Beginning of the shift on a drilling rig in Disouq
Drilling rig Disouq