DEA has already been operating in Egypt since as early as 1974. Within these allmost 40 years to date, DEA and its partner companies have invested more than three billion dollars in the region. The crude oil fields of Ras Budran, Ras Fanar and Zeit Bay in the Gulf of Suez were successfully developed, with more than 640 million barrels of crude already being produced in over 30 years.

DEA Licences Egypt

Exploring the Nile Delta

In recent years, exploration activities for natural gas in the off-shore region of the western Nile delta have been particularly successful. DEA has substantial stakes in, and also is directly responsible as operator of, several promising concessions in the area. This also applies to the onshore region, where several oil and gas finds already developed have confirmed the high exploration potential in store.

By means of planned seismic testing and wells scheduled for drilling, as well as the development of the offshore projects, activities to successfully extend DEA's position in Egypt are likewise set to consistently continue in the forthcoming years.