In Libya DEA has been active since 2003. Following successful exploration in the years up to 2010, DEA is currently preparing field development in individual concessions.

DEA employs some 50 persons in Tripoli and Benghazi. Following the successful activities in Egypt and the recent project progress in the Algerian Sahara, DEA is expanding its position in North Africa further with its involvement in Libya.

DEA Licences Libya

Our licences in the Libyan desert

DEA has been granted a total of seven concessions by the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) since activities in Libya began in 2003. The company is presently active in three concessions, providing it with a concession area of 14,235 square kilometres. Two of the licences are in the Sirte Basin (NC 193 and NC 195), while one concession on the Cyrenaica platform (Area 58) is located in the northeast of the country. DEA is operator in the aforementioned concession regions with a 100% share in each case.

Sirte Basin

The exploratorion measures taken by DEA in the Libyan Sirte Basin have been highly successful, with a total of eight discoveries. In the next step, the company prepares the development of the six successfully discovered wells in concession NC 193 and the two discoveries in concession NC 195. Further planned exploration in the Sirte Basin anticipates the acquisition of a total of 800 square kilometres of 3D seismic data and drilling of two exploration wells in each of the two concessions.

Cyrenaica Plateau

DEA acquired 2D seismic data for a total of 4,600 kilometres for the concession granted in January 2008 in the Cyrenaica Plateau. Two exploration wells are planned in order to further explore the gas potential in the region.