In 2009, DEA was awarded exploration licence Block 23 in the south-eastern part of the Caspian Sea, directly off the Turkmenian coast. The licence area measures around 940 square kilometres.

DEA Licences Turkmenistan

First the environment, then the measurements

The activities during the first exploration phase were preceded by an extensive environmental study. In order to obtain detailed knowledge of the hydrocarbon reservoirs in the Block 23 licence area, we carried out a seismic survey between April and August 2012.

3D data was collected over an area measuring 400 square kilometres as part of the seismic survey. This was the first three-dimensional seismic survey carried out on the coast of Turkmenistan with a transition from the onshore region to shallow water. A 2D programme for analysing further exploration potential was also included in the seismic measurements.


Seismic - Operation of airgun arrays in the water
Seismic - Operation of vibrators