DEA in Bavaria

DEA sold the three natural gas pore storage facilities Inzenham-West, Breitbrunn/Eggstätt as well as Wolfersberg to the Slovakian company NAFTA a.s. effective as of 1 January 2019.

DEA will continue to pursue its business activities in Bavaria by focusing on exploration and extraction of crude oil and natural gas. A seismic measurement of the underground in 2009 revealed that in DEA's exploration licences Grafing and Grafing-Süd – an area comprising approx. 700 square kilometres – interesting subterranean trap structures are still available in which natural gas could exist.

DEA would like to test and leverage this potential if possible by drilling safe and environmentally compatible wells. What would be beneficial in this context is the well established gas infrastructure in the Bavarian foothills of the Alps.

Having the lowest CO2 content, natural gas is a reliable partner to renewable energies and will guarantee stability during the energy transition. Gas-fired power stations can be brought to full load faster, enabling electricity to be generated safely whenever darkness and lack of wind bring power production from renewable energies to a standstill.

According to forecasts, natural gas will replace coal as the key energy source in the electricity sector. Natural gas will also remain an integral element of the energy mix in the long term within the scope of Bavaria’s exit from nuclear power by the year 2022 and will increasing assume the role as a guarantor for a secure power supply.