Bavarian storage facilities

DEA not only engages in natural gas exploration and production, but also stores it in porous underground storage facilities. The purpose of these is to balance out seasonal variations in consumption and ensure a constantly reliable supply of natural gas. In summer, the natural gas is kept in storage, and in winter – when demand for gas frequently exceeds supply – the natural gas is delivered to the supply network. In its capacity as an operator, DEA’s Bavarian underground storage facility Speicherbetriebe Bayern is subject to the [German] Major Accidents Ordinance. To this end, in its role as a supervisory body the Mining Authority of Southern Bavaria carries out annual vehicle-based inspections. Neighbouring persons and entities are informed about hazard situations in writing on a regular basis.

DEA builds natural gas storage facilities for imported gas

To cover the overall demand, Germany imports natural gas from Russia, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark. With a combined storage volume of just under 1.9 billion cubic metres, our gas storage facilities play an important role in supplying Germany with natural gas.

DEA assumes responsibility for the construction and technical operation of natural gas storage facilities for its partners, and these partners then perform the duties required of a storage facility operator in accordance with the German Energy Industry Act.
DEA's Bavarian storage facilities are sub-divided into

  • Inzenham-West (near Rosenheim)
  • Breitbrunn/Eggstätt (on the Chiemsee)
  • Wolfersberg (southeast of Munich)

Exhausted natural gas fields are used for natural gas storage

Our storage facilities are exhausted natural gas fields that developed many millions of years ago. The fact that natural gas was capable of collecting there in the first place proves that the cover layers above it seal off the rock holding the gas safely from above. Our porous storage facilities are therefore particularly suitable for storing large quantities of natural gas.

DEA possesses many years of experience in the field of underground gas storage. Wolfersberg gas storage facility has been in operation since 1973, the Inzenham-West facility since 1982, and the Breitbrunn/Eggstätt facility since 1996. With this operational experience and our well-trained employees, we have the expertise needed to ensure that the storage facilities are operated safely and reliably.

DEA Speicher GmbH

DEA Speicher GmbH is the unbundled gas storage system operator (SSO) of DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG responsible for the gas storage facility Inzenham-West. Its field of activities includes the construction of new gas storages, operation, maintenance and the marketing of storage capacity. DEA Speicher GmbH is fully owned by DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG.

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