DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, is an internationally operating exploration and production (E&P) company for natural gas and crude oil. The purpose of the business is the safe, environment-friendly and sustainable production of crude oil and natural gas along with its storage. DEA pursues a regionally focussed growth strategy as a means of increasing production and building reserves. Through purchasing licences and concessions DEA undertakes highly promising exploration projects in core regions as an operator or cooperation partner of national and international E&P enterprises. In addition to this, DEA regularly evaluates its possible participation in highly promising projects along the value chain.

In its exploration and production operations DEA applies its extensive geo-scientific know-how, state-of-the-art drilling and production technology and the pertinent experience from over 119 years of corporate history. In all our activities particular importance is attached to environmental protection, sustainability, safety and healthcare.

Oil and gas secure energy supplies

For decades, fossil-based energy sources have been indispensable for the development of the world economy. Despite the on-going expansion in the use of regenerative energy, crude oil and natural gas will continue to be amongst the world's major energy sources in the coming decades. Natural gas in particular has a major role to play in the new energy mix. Natural gas is safe, flexibly deployable and climate-friendly. Crude oil, one of the most important raw materials for modern industrial societies, continues to play a dominant role as a fuel both in the heating market and in almost all areas of transport. What’s more, crude oil is indispensable in the production of plastics and other chemical products.

DEA’s business model

DEA's business purpose is the environment-friendly and long-term extraction of crude oil and natural gas along with its storage.

DEA's strengths include its versatile know-how, extensive geological and technological experience, consequent use of ultra-modern drilling and production techniques, and committed research and development work. These factors have turned DEA into a high-performance company involved in demanding projects worldwide.

International presence

DEA currently holds production facilities and concessions in Denmark, Egypt, Germany and Norway. In Algeria the production is currently being set up. DEA has exploration permits in Libya. In Germany DEA operates production sites in Schleswig Holstein and Lower Saxony. In Bavaria DEA maintains three large underground gas storage facilities.

Successful partnerships

DEA consistently engages in strategic consortium partnerships as a means of diversifying its high investments in E&P projects. DEA cooperates closely and trustingly with competent partners in many projects in Germany and abroad – as operator or concession partner in onshore and offshore projects.