The Knarr field (formerly known as Jordbær, which means "Strawberry") is situated 112 kilometers off the Norwegian coast line, from the town of Florø, in the northern part of the North Sea, approximately 45 kilometers northeast of the Snorre field.

Production from the Knarr field started in March 2015. The field has been developed with a subsea production template. The subsea infrastructure will be tied back to a leased floating production, storage and off-loading vessel (FPSO).

The new-build FPSO Petrojarl Knarr has a production capacity of 63,000 barrels of oil per day. Its turret allows the vessel to freely rotate 360 degrees and ensures it’s always facing the rough weather that is often present in the North Sea. The vessel is 256.4 meters long and 48 meters wide with a deadweight tonnage (dwt) of 135,000 tons.

The produced oil will be exported from the FPSO byshuttle tankers. The associated gas will be exported through a dedicated pipeline to Far North Liquids and Associated Gas System (FLAGS), which has the same tie-in point as Gjøa.

The Knarr central discovery, made in 2008, was fast tracked and after only two years a plan for development and operation (PDO) was submitted to the Norwegian authorities. The Knarr West discovery was made in late 2011.

FPSO tow out in South Korea
Towing from South Korea to Norway
FPSO Petrojarl Knarr
Turret area on FPSO


OperatorNorske Shell: 45%

Idemitsu Petroleum Norge: 25%

Wintershall Norge: 20%

DEA Norge AS: 10%

LicensesPL373 S
GeographyNorthern part of the North Sea, approx. 50 km north east of the Snorre field. The field is located around 120 km West of Florø.
GeologyThe Knarr Field is located in the northern part of the Tampen area and was discovered 2008 (known then as the Jordbaer Discovery). Oil is found in Lower Jurassic Cook Fm sandstones at depths of 3,800-3,900 mTVDSS. Hydrocarbon traps are typical NCS rotated fault blocks and the Knarr Field comprise four Individual segments. Owing to the presence of porosity preserving Chlorite coatings the sandstones exhibit exceptional reservoir properties despite its burial depth.
Area13 million cubic meters of oil equivalents.
Planned total production

11.5 million Sm³ oil       

1404 thousand Sm³ NGL/LPG

338 million Sm³ gas

Production startMarch 2015


Project video “First Oil Knarr“

Project video “First Oil Knarr“