Visit us at DEA’s exhibition stand at EAGE 2016 in Vienna

DEA is an exhibitor at the 78th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2016 in Vienna from 30 May to 02 June 2016. “Efficient Use of Technology - Unlocking Potential” is the theme of this years’ conference.

At DEA’s booth (Stand No. 2230, Hall B), visitors can experience live presentations to case studies from international DEA projects and are invited to discuss current industry topics with the DEA experts during the coming days.

Here, we keep you up-to-date with daily reports from Vienna.

Thursday, 02 June 2016

The third and final day of the event is running

Today, the visitors at the DEA booth had the chance to see once again the presentations of our colleagues Syed Fakhar Gilani and Chris Parry from the conference programme.

As the event is drawing to a close, we can have a look at the statistics of the EAGE 2016 in Vienna: This year, the organisers have counted around 4,000 visitors so far. A pleasing number, especially considering the current market situation of the industry. During the conference, an impressive number of about 1,300 presentations were held on different specialist topics. We are very pleased with the response to our presentations and we hadmany really interesting discussions at the DEA booth.

Balazs Badics, Senior Geologist at DEA Norge

Balazs Badics, Senior Geologist at DEA Norge:

“The annual event of the EAGE is one of the world's largest technology events of the oil and gas industry. In my view, the EAGE is of great importance for our industry since E&P companies, service industry and science get together in one place. The event allows to strengthen the important cooperation between these different disciplines and provides us as a company with the chance to cultivate and establish relations to current as well as future partner companies.”


Impressions from the last day of the event:

Wednesday, 01 June 2016

8 on Wednesday!

On the second day of the EAGE, visitors could convince themselves of the DEA colleagues' expertise at a total of eight lectures and presentations: four in the conference programme and four at our booth.

The morning of the conference began with a presentation by our colleague Balazs Badics from DEA Norge: “Combining Petrophysical and Seismic Data to Assess Source Rocks – A Case Study from the Upper Jurassic of the North Sea” (available for download here).

 In the afternoon, first Syed Fakhar Gilani, Senior Geophysicist from DEA Norge as well, presented his findings about the Gohta discovery in Norway (“The Application of Data Conditioning, Frequency Decomposition and RGB Colour Blending in the Gohta Discovery”). Here is the download link for the paper for those who could not benefit from a live experience.

Next was Nico Hübner who gave the conference participants insights into the deep structure of the area surrounding our Disouq project with his presentation “2D Cross-section Restoration in the Onshore Nile Delta, Egypt” (available for download here). 

He was followed by another colleague from Norway: Chris Parry, Senior Geologist presented his topic “Wilson Cycles and the Opening of the North Atlantic and Norwegian – Greenland Sea” (available for download here).

At the DEA booth, our speakers were excited about the great interest of the audience.

Edna Bisso Bi Mba, Senior Reservoir Engineer at DEA

Edna Bisso Bi Mba, Senior Reservoir Engineer at DEA in Hamburg:

“I am impressed by the people's interest and openness to share even deep technical findings with the industry colleagues. The result is an exceptional atmosphere that allows a valuable exchange. In addition, I would like to highlight the consistently high level of technical presentations and discussions here at the EAGE.”


Following some impressions from the booth and the lectures on DEA's operational topics:

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 1 of this year's EAGE!

Tuesday morning, the extensive conference programme began. And our colleagues were right in the middle of things: Dr Stefan Lang, Senior Geologist at DEA introduced the topic “Different Approaches for Prediction of Reservoir Volume in Slope Channel Complexes” to the audience (available for download here).

Edna Bisso Bi Mba, Senior Reservoir Engineer, held the lecture on “Challenges of Complex Mature Oil Reservoir Simulation” at the conference programme (available for download here).

At the fair, we have also prepared a varied programme. In addition to presentations on DEA's successful exploration in the Egyptian Nile Delta and the oil production project Mittelplate in the German Wadden Sea, the two senior geologists Balazs Badics from DEA Norge and Nico Hübner from headquarters in Hamburg presented interesting results from projects in Norway and Egypt.

Markus Mohr, Senior Expert Geology at DEA

Markus Mohr, Senior Expert Geology, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG:

“For me, one of the highlights of the first conference day was the EAGE Forum ‘The future of the oil industry in light of the recent oil prices‘. The exploration executives of ENI, Statoil and Shell agree: One advantage of the current price pressure is, that companies are now forced to optimise the project evaluation even more to realise only the most promising projects. Great opportunities are still seen in the mature oil and gas regions. With appropriate expertise in these regions as well as with new technical concepts and innovations, we will be able to secure further resources in the future.”

Christian Henke talks about DEA’s exploration in the Egyptian Nile Delta
Interested visitors at our daily booth presentations
Balazs Badics presents a case study from Norway at our booth
Our booth presentations attract the trade fair visitors
Visitors at the DEA booth listening to Balazs Badics‘ presentation
Markus Mohr gives a lecture on the oil production project Mittelplate
Nico Hübner presents interesting results from the Onshore Nile Delta
At our booth visitors are getting insights into DEA’s expertise

Monday evening, 30 May 2016

With the traditional Icebreaker event, the 78th EAGE was officially opened Monday night in Vienna. 

Christian Henke, Head of Advisory/Technology/Assurance/New Business at DEA

Christian Henke, DEA’s Head of Advisory/Technology/Assurance/New Business:

"I look forward to the upcoming three days with interesting lectures and many good technical discussions. Currently, there are a lot of topics that move and drive us and the oil and gas industry in general. The large number of participants at the Icebreaker the evening before the actual opening of the conference shows the importance accorded to the event by the industry."

First impressions from the Icebreaker event:

78th European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers

The EAGE is held annually and is one of the biggest and most comprehensive geo-scientific events across the globe. Many experts attend this trade fair to obtain information on the latest developments in the fields of geology, geophysics, reservoirs and petroleum engineering.