DEA at the ONS 2016 in Stavanger

DEA was an exhibitor at the ONS 2016 in Stavanger from 29 August to 1 September 2016.

At DEA’s booth (Stand No. 330, Hall 3), visitors experienced live presentations to case studies from international DEA projects and discussed current industry topics with the DEA experts.

Here, you can find our daily reports from Stavanger.

Thursday, 1 September

Summary of the ONS 2016

The ONS 2016 comes to a close and the organisers are full of praise. This year was the second largest ONS ever and from their point of view, the best. 65,718 visitors came to the Stavanger exhibition site which reflects the ultimate role of the Conference and Exhibition: to be a key meeting place for the industry in a time of transition.

DEA was one of 1,241 exhibitors from 40 countries. The DEA booth in hall 3 was spacious, welcoming and offered room for on-site presentations on forthcoming projects, technical aspects and DEA’s performance record. More than 40 colleagues from Oslo and Stavanger talked to numerous visitors and explained DEA’s ambitions, strategy and history.

According to visitor’s feedback, DEA used its first booth ever at the Stavanger ONS Conference and Exhibition to increase public awareness and created interest by presenting the Zidane Project in greater details.


Last impressions from the ONS 2016:

Wednesday, 31 August

Third day at ONS

DEA’s booth, in close proximity to the German pavilion, was heavily frequented at the third day of the ONS. It was Student Day and many graduates came to DEA to talk about job opportunities. In addition, two presentations were given. Lars Moe once again gave a presentation on Zidane and Florian Bremer talked about DEA’s successful operations at the Mittelplate drilling and production island.

The latest Offshore Northern Seas Conference (ONS) has so far fulfilled DEA’s expectations. It was a good opportunity to introduce DEA to a wider audience. Many discussions focussed on future opportunities due to the fact that Norway’s Ministry of Petroleum and Energy claims that there are still large quantities of untapped oil and gas reserves on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, but low prices make it financially riskier for E&P companies to find and extract them. This notion is in line with recent figures released by the Norwegian State Bureau of Statistics that predict a decline in oil investments for next year.


Impressions from the third day of the exhibition:

Tuesday, 30 August

Exciting day for DEA colleagues at ONS

The second day of the ONS started with a highlight: Lord Browne’s speech to the audience of ONS Energy Conference in the morning. He pointed out that Norway remains an attractive place to do business because the country offers four things which, in combination, are today rather uncommon in the E&P industry: “First, it offers the prospect of activity which will continue long into the future. In my experience, new technology means that great hydrocarbon provinces like Norway always surpass expectations. In 1995, for example, people expected Ekofisk to cease production in 2025. But last year, its life was extended to around 2050.  Second, Norway offers great prospects for growth. More than half of the country’s estimated recoverable resources remain to be produced; the Johan Sverdrup field discovered at the start of the decade is the largest discovery on the shelf in the last thirty years. Third, it offers a relatively low cost environment in which to do business. Total costs per barrel are currently less than half their level in the United Kingdom, and on a par with the United States. And fourth, the energy industry in Norway is governed by a stable and supportive regulatory framework.”

Furthermore, Lord Browne touched upon the four challenges which the industry faces across the globe, namely the rapid decline in commodity prices, the pressure to re-evaluate costs in the supply chain, the uncertainty of the demand of hydrocarbons due to technical innovations and the existential threat posed to the oil and gas industry by climate change.

At DEA’s booth, CEO Thomas Rappuhn, COO Dirk Warzecha, and Hans-Hermann Andreae, General Manager of DEA Norge, received a delegation of Norwegian parliamentarians and talked to them about the business plans of DEA in Norway. The delegation was also given an update on DEA’s first operated field development project in the Norwegian Sea.

The Zidane project was also the topic of an in-depth presentation given by the project manager Lars Moe, who drew the attention of the large audience to the technical implications of the tie-back to the Heidrun platform.

A group of local mayors from the Stavanger region also visited the DEA booth and were informed by Kjetil Hjertvik, the communication manager of DEA Norge, about ongoing business activities. The second day has shown that DEA has been able to attract great interest in the Norwegian upstream industry and the relevant state and local authorities.


Impressions from the second day of the exhibition:

Sunday & Monday, 28 & 29 August

Leading Oil and Gas Exhibition ONS started in Stavanger

ONS 2016 began on Sunday afternoon with a top-level conference to debate energy markets, energy security challenges and the current geopolitics of energy policy. Some 70 key leaders and decision-makers from the industry and Norwegian government met for half a day to conduct high-level networking.

Monday morning saw a magnificent opening ceremony which was attended by the Norwegian Crown Prince, the prime minister and the energy minister. The kick-off for the entire event was dominated by the major changes of the oil and gas industry in recent years. The driving question of the conference programme was how to adapt to the new market situation, how to solve the related problems and how to increase the level of innovation.

Since all stakeholders are facing similar commercial pressure to cut costs and remain profitable, the business attitude among the conference participants showed a considerable momentum of soberness. Major companies celebrated its cost-cutting initiatives and offered a showcase on how to drive down costs without ignoring the implications of new investments. The same applies to DEA which is close to hand in the PDO of Zidane after all the internal approval procedures. According to current calculations, costs were cut by more than twenty per cent compared to the initial planning two years ago.

At DEA, many meetings took place with Norwegian politicians showing considerable interest in DEA’s activities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.  At the same time, DEA’s CEO, Managing Director of DEA Norge, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board met with many key stakeholders to discuss and evaluate options for further co-operations.

At the booth, visitors were able to listen to a technical presentation on “Combining petro-physical and seismic data to assess source rocks: A case study from Upper Jurassic of the North Sea”. The presentation was jointly given by Balazs Badics and Sean Mackie, who had been working on this question for a long time.

The day in Stavanger ended with the traditional ONS reception at the Tango Restaurant in the port. This “Tango event” was established by E.ON Norge E&P AS many years ago. It has become a tradition and after the acquisition there was no reason to give up such a well-established event for networking after a long conference day at the Stavanger ONS exhibition.


Impressions from the first day of the exhibition:

Visit us at our booth

Come to our stand in Hall 3, Booth 330 and learn more about DEA’s Zidane development and DEA’s long-going successful operations at Mittelplate in Germany’s Wadden Sea tidelands.

Over the last year, DEA has doubled its production in Norway. Now the upstream company is preparing for its first operated development and is planning further growth in Norway.

“ONS 2016 in Stavanger is a great opportunity to explain the international oil and gas community the new positioning of DEA in Norway and our ongoing operations”, says Hans-Hermann Andreae, Managing Director of DEA Norge. “At the same time, visitors to DEA’s booth will learn more about the DEA Group and its international activities”.

In 2015, DEA acquired E.ON E&P Norge and strengthened its position in Norway. During the last eight months, the two companies have merged and the headquarters in Norway moved to Stavanger. “We have a long history in Norway, and intend to continue growing in this country. This fall, we’ll hand in the PDO for the Zidane development. At the same time, we are screening the market for further M&A opportunities to grow our business in Norway”, says Andreae.

At ONS, DEA provides an insight into its broad experience in the field of exploration and production of oil and gas through a series of presentations at the stand.

DEA's booth programme:

See you in Hall 3, Booth 330.

Offshore Northern Seas Conference & Exhibition (ONS) 2016 in Stavanger

The ONS in Stavanger has been held for more than 40 years and attracts the major players of the international oil and gas industry. At the event, the latest news, trends, innovations and technical solutions will be discussed, gathering high-level executives and politicians as well as specialists and young professionals from all over the world.


© Photo: ONS/Kallen (Owner: Trine Sola Larsen)