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Hamburg/Copenhagen, 11.06.2018

Technology and innovation as key drivers for the future of oil and gas DEA at EAGE Annual 2018 in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, DEA is presenting applied technology highlights and its current global core projects at Europe’s most important technology event of the oil and gas industry, the 80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition. 

DEA @ EAGE 2018

The global demand for energy is increasing and the energy mix is changing towards a less carbon intensive future. Important key drivers for the oil and gas industry, to stay competitive in the energy market, are the development of new technology and innovative solutions. The annual event of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) provides a platform for experts of E&P companies, the service industry and representatives of science to exchange ideas and to discuss new approaches. 

From 11 to 14 June, DEA will showcase the results of its constant work on sustainable innovative solutions and efficiency-enhancing concepts, to ensure both, high safety and environmental standards as well as economic viability in its global E&P projects. The concept of multilateral wells, that DEA applies successfully for the development of the German oil field Mittelplate is one example where the exploitation can be optimised, while the impact on the environment is minimised. 

DEA’s current international key projects, where the company applies its focused set of capabilities as operator and active licence partner, are located in Europe, North Africa and, more recently, Latin America. In 2017, DEA had a successful market entry in Mexico and is, with the award of Ogarrio, one of the first international operator of onshore oil production in the country. DEA is working on the improvement of the recovery of Ogarrio in an economic and sustainable way. Moreover, DEA holds shares in four exploration licences offshore Mexico, thereof three as operator.

In Norway, DEA’s operated subsea gas development Dvalin is well on track. Where the offshore installation work has started in April this year. In Egypt, DEA started a re-development program for its operated onshore gas project Disouq. Furthermore, the West Nile Delta project makes good progress: Three additional gas fields are planned to come on stream in the near future. In Algeria, first gas has been achieved from the onshore gas development project Reggane Nord in December 2017.
At DEA’s booth (Stand No. 1415) in Copenhagen, the visitors can experience live presentations of case studies from international DEA projects and are invited to discuss current industry topics with the DEA experts during the coming days.

Visit our EAGE 2018 website, where we keep you up-to-date with daily reports from Copenhagen.

At this year's conference programme DEA has a total of five lectures in the Technical Programme and takes part in the Executive Sessions. You meet our colleagues here:

Conference programme with DEA participation

Tuesday, 10.55, E-Posters 5Seal Breach Analysis in the Danish Central Graben Dr Jan Grobys, Senior Geophysicist, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG
Wednesday, 11.20, Room DHow Low Can You Go? - Exploring for Shallow Oil in the Barents SeaSean Mackie, Senior Geophysicist, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG
Wednesday, 16.45, Auditorium 12Sequence Stratigraphy in Danish Central Graben – A Case study from a Rifted Basin Dr Gesa Netzeband, Senior Geophysicist, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG
Thursday, 8.30, Auditorium 15

Focus on Europe: Exploration Plays, Opportunities, and Challenges

with Manfred Böckmann, Senior Vice President Exploration,
DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG
Thursday, 15.55, Room DPre-Qualification of a Polymer for Offshore Application Thies Dose, General Manager Wietze Laboratory,
DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG
Thursday, 16.20, E-Posters 5Shallow fluid flow in the SW Barents Sea – An integrated multi-scale geophysical analysis Dr Carl Jörg Petersen, Senior Geophysicist,
DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG

Further information

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Background information

DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG is an international operator in the field of exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas based in Hamburg. Its focus is on safe, sustainable and environmentally conscious exploitation of oil and gas. Deutsche Erdoel AG has 119 years of experience working along the entire upstream value chain as operator or project partner. With a staff force of 1,150 employees, DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG has shares in production facilities and concessions in, among others, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Egypt, Algeria and Mexico.

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