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Hamburg, 28.01.2019

New Perspective for Natural Gas DEA welcomes phase out of coal

Dirk Warzecha, COO DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG
Dirk Warzecha, COO DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG

The phase out plan of the coal commission is a positive step towards achieving Germany’s climate targets. At the same time, the plan shaped the structural changes in the affected regions. Natural gas produced in Germany and imported from Russia, Norway, the Netherlands and North Africa is available as a substitute for coal-fired electricity.

COO of DEA Deutsche Erdoel AG, Dirk Warzecha comments: "This phase out plan gives us clarity on how things will continue. Natural gas gets a new perspective. It will ensure security of energy supply for the population and the economy in the transitional period to a largely CO2 -neutral power generation in 2050."

Natural gas from domestic and imported sources is an ideal transitional solution that ensures a secure energy supply while reducing CO2 emissions. Natural gas has the lowest CO2 content of all fossil fuels and is therefore more climate friendly than coal. In addition, through innovation and higher energy efficiency, the carbon footprint of natural gas can be further reduced.

Natural gas will play a key role in shaping the transformation of the energy system over the next 30 to 50 years during the phase-out period of coal-fired power generation.


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