Reggane Nord

Algeria is the leading natural gas producer in Africa and an important natural gas supplier to Europe. Around one fifth of Algeria’s remaining gas reserves are located in the remote southwest basins in the central Sahara. Reggane Nord is the first gas project that went into production in this region.

The project partners DEA (19.5% share), Sonatrach (40%), Repsol (29.25%) and Edison (11.25%) established the joint company Groupement Reggane Nord (GRN), which acts as operator. The Reggane Nord project comprises six dry gas fields: Reggane, Azrafil Sud-Est, Kahlouche, Kahlouche Sud, Tiouliline and Sali. First gas export has been achieved in December 2017.

Exploration work led to success

Reggane in Algeria
DEA licence

In 2003, DEA, Repsol as operator and Edison started exploration activities in the concession area. During two exploration phases, the licence partnership carried out an evaluation of earlier gas discoveries in the region and the investigation of additional gas potential in Palaeozoic formations. The work programme included extensive seismic surveys as well as the drilling of fifteen exploration and appraisal wells.

Following the submission of Final Discovery Reports, the Field Development Plan (FDP) was approved by the Algerian mining authorities in November 2011, granting a 30 years production license.

Field Development

Field Development activities started soon after FDP approval with the FEED (Front End Engineering Design) to plan the necessary surface facilities.

In 2014, a new successful 3D seismic campaign was completed, covering an area of 1,450 square kilometres. The acquired data complemented the 3D seismic coverage of the fields and enhanced the detail and quality of information about subsurface structures of the various reservoirs.

Development drilling in the Algerian Sahara started in January 2015. Until April 2018, 19 development wells and 5 re-entries of former exploration wells were completed during the first drilling campaign.

Works for the new build surface facilities included the design, construction, commissioning and start-up of the Central Processing Facilities (CPF), a 300 km gas gathering network to connect the wells to the CPF, a 74 km gas export pipeline from the CPF to the new built GR5 national gas transport pipeline as well as other infrastructure like Living Base and Security Camp, airstrip and about 160 km of roads.

Production start

The start of gas production from four out of six Reggane Nord gas fields was in December 2017. In the coming years about 30 more wells need to be drilled to maintain the contractual production plateau of 8 million cubic meters of gas per day. The production license is granted until November 2041.


Licence shares

GRN: Operator

Sonatrach: 40%

Repsol: 29.25%

DEA: 19.5%

Edison: 11,25%

Production start


GeographyReggane basin of the Algerian Sahara desert
Geology6 fields (Reggane, Azrafil Sud-Est, Kahlouche, Kahlouche Sud, Tiouliline and Sali): Carboniferous & Lower Devonian reservoirs
Production phaseexpected to span about 25 years