Mittelplate Drilling and Production Island is located in the southern section of the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea, which has enjoyed national park status since 1985. Mittelplate is in Protection Zone 2 of the National Park, where only certain activities are permitted. Oil production in the Mittelplate area is one of activities permitted on these offshore mud flats. Extremely high safety standards ensure that we do justice to the special conditions existing in this ecologically sensitive region.

Mittelplate is Germany's largest oilfield

Since autumn 1987, significant reserves of oil have been developed from this artificial island off the German North Sea coast. Originally, more than 100 million tonnes of oil were deposited in several oil-bearing zones at depths of 2,000-3,000 metres below the sea floor. Since the first well went on stream with our consortium partner, we have produced over 30 million tonnes along; another 20-25 million tonnes of oil are considered to be recoverable. This makes Mittelplate by far the most productive field in Germany. Since Mittelplate accounts for half of the country's oil production, it makes a major contribution to safeguarding Germany's energy supplies.

View on the living quarters
Compact structure sitting directly on top of the tidal flats
Staff overlooking the Mittelplate deck
Mittelplate Drilling and Production Island

High-tech wells have made onshore oil production possible

Since production began, the Mittelplate Consortium has consistently advanced the technically demanding concept required for safe and environmentally sound production of this vital raw material in the ecologically sensitive Wadden Sea while at the same time implementing new solutions to optimise oil exploration and production. High-tech wells have opened up new production opportunities. Since mid-2000, they have complemented the offshore operations and made onshore oil production possible. These highly deviated extended reach wells have enabled us to produce oil from the eastern section of the field. The oil is processed at Dieksand Land Station and then piped to Brunsbüttel, a port on the River Elbe from where it is transported to our customers. Oil from the larger western section of the field continues to be produced from the artificial island in the mud flats. The total annual production of both offshore and onshore wells comes to about 1.4 million tonnes.

Mittelplate has proved eco-friendly oil production over the years

Mittelplate enjoys an excellent reputation in the global oil industry – as an excellent example of environmentally sound oil production based on pioneering technology. In addition, Mittelplate is where we develop and refine the know-how we employ in exploration and production worldwide and pass on to our partners. The combination of complex state-of-the-art technology, multiple safeguards in all our work processes, and the deployment of experienced and highly responsible specialists adds up to an ideal safety package. During the many years of production, Mittelplate has proved that oil production is compatible with the Wadden Sea environment.

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