DEA Policy on Occupational Health and Safety, Process Safety, Security, Environmental Protection, Energy Efficiency and Quality (QHSE)

We are an internationally operating exploration and production company for natural gas and crude oil and we are particularly committed to a sustainable business development. By acting responsibly towards people and the environment, we also make an important contribution to securing the energy supply and take the interests of the following generations into account. In all activities of DEA safety and environmental protection are important factors for the commercial success and rank at least equally with the business objectives.

In all business processes, the Board of Management bears the ultimate responsibility for safety, health, environmental protection, energy efficiency and quality and creates the organisational prerequisites for implementing this Policy. To this end, it provides the necessary resources, ensures that the QHSE targets are defined and supervises their implementation and effectiveness in a structured and efficient manner using the integrated Corporate Management System. In their area of responsibility, each and every employee helps ensure that the QHSE principles are complied with. The same is expected and demanded from business partners and contractors of DEA.

In the fields of occupational health and safety, process safety, security, environmental protection, energy efficiency and quality, DEA commits itself to follow the subsequent principles:

  1. We take social responsibility and focus on prevention to protect human health and the environment.
  2. We meet all legal requirements as well as our own requirements by applying innovative technologies in our operating business and we are committed to continually improve these standards.
  3. We pursue a “zero faults” strategy when setting our QHSE targets, continually analyse our processes using process indicators and derive measures for further development.
  4. We apply a systematic risk management to prevent and minimise risks, and pursue our opportunities identified. This is additionally ensured by our emergency organisation and our crisis and continuity management systems.
  5. We count on highly qualified, dedicated and motivated employees and raise our employees' awareness for QHSE aspects through information, communication and advanced training measures, as well as promote the use of knowledge and experience in a sustainable manner.
  6. We involve our employees in the development of operational processes allowing us to promote a corporate culture which easily integrates all QHSE aspects into day-to-day business operations.
  7. We conserve the natural resources by utilising raw materials and energy as efficiently as possible and minimising the negative environmental impacts. Right from procurement, we pay attention to sustainability, environmental compatibility and energy efficiency.
  8. We engage in an intensive dialogue with our business partners as well as interested parties such as neighbours, communities, public authorities and the general public, inform them about our activities and exchange experiences with associations, politicians and scientists.
  9. We promote the health and safety of our employees in order to prevent accidents and occupational diseases by designing our processes and workplaces to be safe according to the latest findings.
  10. We always take all security aspects into account when making decisions and continually adapt our security measures to changing conditions to ensure the safety of our employees, business partners and contractors and secure our business success at all times.

This Policy is regularly reviewed by the Board of Management and updated as required.