Multi-lateral wells

Geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, completion engineers and our drilling experts all work hand-in-hand when a multi-lateral well is to be drilled – from the planning stage through the carefully planned drilling operation to the specialised training of the drilling crew.

Reaching several reservoirs with one well

One well, several targets: this is what multi-lateral wells are all about. This technique involves drilling a branch well from an existing main well, which may be either highly deviated or horizontal. Depending on the kind of reservoir we have, several branch wells may be drilled from the main well. In this way, we can reach several target reservoirs via a single well, increase its economic viability and speed up a field's development.

Delicate branching underground requires a high level of expertise

A number of technical challenges need to be overcome when drilling multi-lateral wells. For example, our experts have to precisely select the underground multi-lateral branch. The mechanical connection between the branch and the main well has to be absolutely pressure-tight. And the casing program, which is more extensive than for conventional wells, also demands a great deal of know-how. At our Mittelplate reservoir our planning specialists and engineers have refined this high-tech drilling method significantly and successfully implemented it on several occasions.