Basin analyses

It is true that the geoscientists at DEA do not have to deal with the infinite expanses of space to discover oil and gas reservoirs. But the object of their research is also many millions of years old and has many a story to tell. Research into this history starts with the basin analysis.

The genesis of a subsurface is simulated with the help of basin analyses

Hot on the heels of the history of rock 

In the space and time of a sedimentary basin under investigation, our specialists use stratigraphic analyses to find out more about the distribution of reservoirs and the source rock. The aim is to understand how a sedimentary basin evolved. In what sequences are the rocks found? In what period was the source rock formed? What uplift or erosion phases could have interrupted the formation of hydrocarbons? All questions our geoscientists have to answer.

Software develops basin model

Geochemical investigations are also undertaken to analyse a sedimentary basin and find out how it was formed. The organic material content and kind of material found allows conclusions to be drawn about a basin's history. Some parts can generate oil more easily, others gas. By using a special software tool, our geoscientists take the findings of all their analyses and develop a model of the basin, which depicts the genesis of the hydrocarbons and serves as the basis for all our future exploration activities.