Working at DEA

Our business is the exploration and production of oil and gas. It is an exciting, international industry which presents us with new challenges every day; an industry with groundbreaking technological developments that provide room for independent ideas and creativity. At the same time, we can look back on a long tradition of success; DEA has over 116 years of experience and know-how in oil and gas exploration and production at home and abroad.

DEA intends to continue growing. Our highly qualified employees form the basis for this ambition. We know that our success depends in large measure on their capability and motivation. For that reason, it is our key concern to secure jobs, to make them attractive and family-friendly and to promote the diversity of our workforce.

Self-reliance and responsibility

We enable our employees to work independently and to get involved in ongoing projects from day one. So if you enjoy working as a member of a team, quickly take responsibility and are open to other cultures, then this is the right place for you. That applies equally to experienced professionals and newcomers to the job. DEA is organised in such a way that every employee recognises the value of his or her contribution. In our company no one is just a “cog in the machine”.

We value unambiguous job descriptions and clearly regulated structures. In that way you know what we expect of you and we know what your expectations are when you come to us. Applicants with a wide range of interests who want to work with a high degree of independence in an international company will find themselves at home here.

Taking new paths together – we support your wealth of ideas and offer room for creativity. Continuous self-development is an important component of our corporate culture. Learning new techniques and embracing new ideas from research and development are a matter of course in our industry. Short decision-making paths and a cooperative management style enable us to make rapid advances and to be successful in our operational business.


Over 1,000 people from more than 30 nations work at DEA. One in five of our employees has a passport which is other than a German one. We are active in 14 countries, with just under a fifth of our employees working for us abroad. In the long term, we intend to continue expanding our business abroad. Important regions for DEA include Egypt, Mexico, as well as Norway. So we offer our employees some interesting job prospects, with a wide range of opportunities to work abroad. Even our apprentices are prepared for an international workplace. They can spend two months in Cairo or Oslo or complete a semester aboard at a foreign partner university.

There are currently more than 35 expats working abroad – and we intend to increase that number in future. Employees who relocate their place of work and focus of life abroad for a lengthy period are given intensive preparation for their deployments. In that case, the focus is on the areas of culture, politics, social matters, climate and the way people work in each country. To ensure that foreign deployments are a success for all those concerned, we look after our expats and their families during their stay abroad, as well as on their return and reintegration.

Language training courses and cultural seminars: Even those employees who collaborate frequently on international project teams or regularly go on business trips abroad are supported with comprehensive training measures.

Earnings and remuneration

At DEA the benefits principle applies in both directions: with your commitment and effort you contribute to the success of the company. We offer you benefits that are above the usual standard.

In addition to above-average earning opportunities, we offer our employees a range of special benefits that go beyond the statutory requirements. These include holiday pay, Christmas bonus and employee savings schemes. We also assist our employees when they have to move house because of new professional assignments and help them to find a house or apartment.

Company pension scheme

Attractive benefits for retirement: With our employer-financed company pension scheme we make an important contribution to the wellbeing of our employees in their old age. We also offer support in the event of disability or death. With our modern pension promise each employee gets his or her own pension account. The newly acquired pension units are credited to it each year.

Our employees’ private pension provision is also important to us: By way of deferred compensation we support employee-financed pension provision. Our employees have the option to invest elements of their gross pay in pension funds, pension plans, direct life insurance and direct commitments. And in this way to give themselves extra security in old age.

Staff survey with very good results

We carry out surveys among our employees regularly about their job satisfaction and possible improvements that could be made. In this we are assisted by specialist external research institutes. Interest was particularly high in the most recent survey – 80 per cent of our employees took part in it. They gave top marks for the values embodied in the company, such as our management culture and our high standards in environmental protection, health and safety. Together with our employees, we derive potential improvements from the survey results and put them into practice. Because in spite of the good results, we naturally always want to keep improving.